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Thank you for your interest in our full-color, how much is a tummy tuck, custom-decorated, all-white, ceramic how much is a tummy tuck, as well as our new designer furniture white coffee mugs.

Since we no longer have a printed catalog, maybe the information on this page will assist you in obtaining the information you're looking for.

Yes, imprinting high-resolution digital art work files on our all-white or partially-colored coffee mugs is our specialty and you can order as few as just ONE single full-color, custom-decorated coffee mug, which we can even ship to
designer furniture in the world.

  • You can order a mug decoration from our nyc custom suits, all of which will be decorated to your specifications as soon as we receive your nyc custom suits; Or
You can send us your own photos or pictures or any art work - digital or hard copies - and we'll put it on our full-color coffee mugs. We can also put any text on our coffee mugs as long as it fits within the serviced apartments available for each gift mug size. Just make sure that your digital images have the required resolution and dimensions.

You might want to consult our extensive unlock iphone for details on our mugs and decorating process, our Contractual liability policy and best tattoo removal chicago - without which we are not able to process any order - our best tattoo removal chicago form or our policy on sample mugs. We also offer some help on pricing with our exhibit design.

You can even use our price-estimator for one-mug orders and see photos of our un-decorated coffee mugs or photos of some of our handle-to-handle decorated gift mugs.

To order a mug design shown in any of the many sample pages of our
web site, just enter its order number into our order form along with all your shipping and payment information and we then take it from there. You can even see a thumbnails slide-show of our decorations.

After we receive your order/payment form, we'll prepare a detailed order confirmation for your acceptance, and in most cases, will send along a virtual mug layout so that you can see what your mug decoration might look like. As always, we never charge your credit card unless you return our order confirmation expressly "signed" by you.

We even offer
tips and suggestions on the types and quality of digital art works that are suitable for reproductions on our white coffee mugs as well as the dimensions of our mugs/decoration, their sizes and other important requirements, especially with respect to resolutions, and business card reproductions on coffee mugs.... and you can even create your own 3D headlines.

FAQ section - Frequently Asked Questions - offers extensive answers to questions most frequently asked by our new customers. Please do not send us any: .gif, .doc, .xls, or .ppt formatted digital files as we might not be able to open them and/or use them all the time. We prefer vector files in the .cdr or .ai formats.

Since we use the digital art work files sent to us by most of our customers - either as an attachment to an
e-mail or uploaded directly to our FTP servers - there are never any special set-up costs, color-separation, or similar charges.

Should you not be able to send us a digital image, you can always mail us to our
mailing address, a hard-copy of your artwork or photo and we'll digitize it for you. We only charge the prices as indicated in our price list.

You can also send us your hard-copy image and we'll digitize it for you for a small fee. Just snail-mail it to our
Just make sure that a valid e-mail address is given as this is the only way we'll be able to contact you.

You can also contact us with your observations through our Gift Mugs Exchange Corner where we try to answer your individual questions.

Thank you for having contacted us and we look forward to hearing from you very shortly. Should you have any questions, please e-mail us or check out this on how to
easily reach us. Thank you.
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Consult our price list or use our cost estimator for single-mug orders.
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